Joy of Satan(JoS)に関連する文章の翻訳記事





The thunders of judgment and wrath are numbered And are harbored In the South. In the likeness of an Oak whose branches are nests Of lamentation and weeping laid up For Jehova and His servants, which burn night and day, And vomit Out the heads of scorpions, And live sulphur mingled with poison. These are the Thunders that roar with a hundred mighty Earthquakes And a thousand times as many surges, Which rest Not, nor know Any echoing time. Here one rock Bringeth forth a thousand Even as the heart of man Does his thoughts. Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Yea Woe! Be to he who sits On the holy throne in heaven! His iniquity is, Was and shall be great. Come away! But not your mighty sounds!


Coraxo chis cormp od chis blans
De babage. Aziazior paeb soba lilonon
Chis virq eophan od raclir maasi
Bagle iad od noqodi, ds ialpon
Dosig od basgim, od oxex daziz siatris,
Od salbrox cynxir faboan. Vnal chis
Const ds yor eors vohim gizyax
Od matb cocasg plosi molvi,
Ds page ip, larag om droln
Matorb cocasb. Emna l patralx
Yolci matb Nomig monons
Olora gnay angelard. Ohio! ohio! ohio!
Ohio! ohio! ohio! noib ohio!
Bolp idoigo madriax! Bagle iad madrid
I, zirop od chiso drilpa. Niiso!
Crip ip micalz apah


koh-RAHK-soh   •   kuh-HEES   •   KOH-ruh-muhp
OHD   •   kuh-HEES   •   buh-LAH-nuhs   •   DAY
bah-BAH-jzhay.   •   ah-zee-AH-zee-ohr
pah-AYB   •   ZOH-bah   •   LEE-loh-nohn
kuh-HEES   •   VEE-ruhk   •   EE-oh-puh-hahn
OHD   •   rah-kuh-LEE-ruh   •   mah-AH-see
BAH-guh-lay   •   ee-YAHD   •   OHD
noh-KOH-dee,   •   DAHSS   •   ee-AH-luh-pohn
DOH-see-jzhuh   •   OHD   •   BAH-suh-jzheem,
OHD   •   ohks-AYKS   •   DAH-zeets
zee-AH-tuh-reess,   •   OHD   •   Zah-luh-buh-ROHKS
SEE-nuhk-see-ruh   •   FAH-boh-ahn.
vuh-NAHL   •   kuh-HEES   •   KOH-nuh-suht
DAHSS   •   ee-YOH-ruh   •   AY-oh-ruhz
voh-HEEM   •   JZHEE-zee-ahks   •   OHD
MAH-tuhb   •   koh-KAH-sah-jzhay   •   puh-LOH-see
MOH-luh-vee,   •   DAHSS   •   pah-JZHAY
EEP,   •   lah-RAHJZH   •   OHM
duh-ROH-luhn   •   MAH-toh-ruhb
KOH-kuh-suhb.  •   AY-muh-nah   •   Luh
pah-tuh-RAH-luhks   •   ee-OHL-kee
MAH-tuhb   •   NOH-meejzh   •   moh-NOH-nuhs
oh-LOH-rah   •   guh-NAH-ee-ay
ah-nuh-GAY-lah-ruhd.   •   oh-HEE-oh!
oh-HEE-oh!   •   oh-HEE-oh!   •   oh-HEE-oh!
oh-HEE-oh!   •   oh-HEE-oh!   •   NOH-eeb
oh-HEE-oh!   •   BOH-luhp   •   ee-YAH-doh-EE-goh
mah-duh-REE-ahks!   •   BAH-guh-lay
ee-YAHD   •   mah-duh-REED   •   EE,
ZEE-rohp   •   OHD   •   kuh-HEES-oh
duh-REE-luh-pah.   •   nee-EESS-oh!  
kuh-REEP   •   EEP   •   mee-KAH-luhts   •   AH-pah!

Tenth Key